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I am proud to announce the release of my Debut Album called "On Martha's Vineyard" Recorded with Jim Parr at the  Jimmy Parr Music and Audio Studios in Oak Bluffs, MA.  It is a collection of songs that I have written filled with island inspiration, from friends I've made to special places I enjoy on island. I have brought in a group of very Talented Island Musicians to help shape these songs.

Click below to hear my music.

 My New Single "Slow Down" a song about the Change of Seasons here on the island is out now.


Jeremy Berlin on Piano

Nancy Jephcote on Violin

Phil McAndrews on Drums

Jimmy Parr on Bass and Backing Vocals

Casey Smith on Backing Vocals

My New Single coming out soon is a song called "Down on the Stream" This Song is a Rocker pulling from many influences.

This song is about my frustration about just trying to put on the TV and watch the game without logging in and creating an account and all that goes along with Streaming. the transition from Cable to Streaming! 


Jim Eddy on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Phil McAndrews on Drums

Jimmy Parr on Bass and Backing Vocals

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Dave Willis

Dave Willis has made a huge impact as a gifted musician over the years and now is happy to announce the release of his Debut Album "On Martha's Vineyard" a collection of songs inspired by living and fishing on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Available Now.

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 Born and Raised in Massachusetts, I spent every Summer of my childhood on Cape Cod. Growing up running Barefoot and Fishing along the banks of the Great Cape Cod Canal. it was here where I learned to play the guitar sitting around the campfire with Family and Friends singing along. 

As I grew up I continued to Play Guitar, playing in a few different bands with different styles! Anywhere form Rock to Country and Folk. 

Then as an Adult, I moved to the Cape and then eventually to the island of Martha's Vineyard where I began to write a few songs. Songs inspired by the beautiful nature and friends and my Love of Fishing.

I am happy to announce the release of my Debut Album "On Martha's Vineyard" recorded with Jim Parr at the Jim Parr Audio and Music Studios in Oak Bluffs, MA 

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